DuraMON WS 32” Glass

DuraMon 32" Glass

Wide Screen for Radar & ECDIS

DuraMON 32” Glass is part of the well-known glass front product Family from ISIC. The DuraMON 32” Glass provides superior value for money, and is your assurance of optimal product-lifetime & -availability. The LED backlight provides both long lifetime as well as low power consumption thus fan-less operation is standard. DuraMON 32” Glass is approved for Radar/ECDIS applications and is offered with optional ECDIS calibration.

The mechanical design is light-weight and at the same time robust, using only the best materials and components in combination with state of the art manufacturing processes. The DuraMON 32″ Glass is console mountable and comes with a set of standard console mounting brackets. Furthermore, the unit features VESA 280 x 150mm hole pattern for table or wall bracket mount. ISIC 60945 approved mounting brackets for table or wall mount are available as accessories. The new slim design is also perfect for a stand-alone solution.

For custom floor stand contact ACTE. Se pictures in gallery

  • Standardisation and easy integration.
  • Simplicity in operation.
  • Modularity & space saving.
  • Low weight
  • Long up time and less service.
  • Long built-state possibility.High quality display 32” Wide Screen format
  • Compliant with IEC 60945 and IACS E10.
  • ECDIS/RADAR options.
  • Membrane keys with dimmable backlight.
  • Backlight dimmable 100% to 0%
  • Keys dimming control options.
  • Desk / wall / roof mounting-brackets available.
  • Customisation available.

Display sizes & Display properties:
    32”  Wide Screen LCD (TFT)
Size – Active area (Aspect)    Luminance    Contrast    Resolution
31,5”   - 698 x 393 mm (16/9)    450 Cd/m2    3000:1    1920 x 1080 
31,5”   - 698 x 393 mm (16/9)    300 Cd/m2    3000:1    3840 x 2160

  • View angle:    View angle (L/R/T/B) (typical)    89°/89°
  • Materials:     Front: Sea Water Resistant Aluminium  w. black powder coating RAL 9005
  • Rear:            Sea Water Resistant Aluminium  w. black powder coating RAL 9005
  • Touch:          PCAP multi touch - Optional
  • Window:       Anti Reflection coated front glass 
  • Protection:    IP65 front – IP20 rear


Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT