DuraMON 20.1" LED Classic AC

DuraMON monitors are designed for marine and naval

DuraMON monitors are designed for marine and naval (mission critical) applications. DuraMON is part of the “All-in one” family, consisting of DuraPC, DuraMON DuraPANEL.

  • Standardisation and easy integration.
  •  Simplicity in operation.
  •  Modularity & space saving.
  •  Long built-state possibility.
  •  Long up time and less service.
  • High quality displays;
  •  Membrane keys with dimmable backlight.
  •  Backlight dimmable 100% to 0%
  •  Keys or dial dimming control options.
  •  IP65 sealed USB-po
  •  IP65 built in loud speaker
  •  Universal mounting-
  •  ECDIS/RADAR options.
  •  Customisation available.



Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT