DuraMON 19" LED Classic


DuraMON LED monitors marine applications.

With the DuraMON 19” LED ISIC provides a competitive and technical excellent solution for small size marine display applications, where 5:4 aspect ratio is required. Available for both AC and DC applications and with optional touch screen functionality, the DuraMON 19” LED covers a broad variety of applications. The DuraMON 19″ LED is designed for ECDIS and Radar applications and include optional S-video and Composite video input. As an accessory we offer table / wall / roof mounting brackets in the well known and reliable ISIC design. Approrved with Furuno TECDIS


  • Standardisation and easy integration.
  • Simplicity in operation.
  • Modularity & space saving.
  • Low weight Long up time and less service.
  • Long built-state possibility.
  • Zero Mercury Low Power consumption.
  • High quality display 19” 5:4 format
  • Compliant with IEC 60945 and IACS E10. ECDIS / RADAR options.
  • LED Backlight Full range backlight dimming
  • Keys dimming control options.
  • Desk/Roof and wall mounting-brackets available.
  • Optional Touch and Buzzer.
  • Approrved with Furuno TECDIS
  • Customisation available.

Video inputs: RGB : Analogue 0.7 Vpp positive at 75Ω,
Separate sync or sync on green
Generally all VESA compatible video modes are supported up to
165MHz (up to UXGA 60Hz and WUXGA 60Hz reduced
Horizontal sync: 15-100 kHz (automatic)
Vertical sync: 30-85 Hz up to 1280x1024
30-60 Hz up to 1920x1200
DVI: Generally all VESA compatible video modes are supported up to
160MHz (up to UXGA 60Hz and WUXGA 60Hz reduced
Special modes supported on request.
Option available for S-video and Composite video
Control inputs: 1 x RS232 – for remote control
Option available for Capacitive Touch 1 x USB


Henning Lotterud
PM Maritime- & Industrial-IT